Importance of Preven

PREVEN Contributes to the identification and evaluation of new strategies to prevent and control STDs, including HIV/AIDS, appropiate to the reality of countries in the Andean Region, through the:

  • Design and implementation of a model surveillance system for STDs and HIV/AIDS, applicable to near countries.
  • Assessment of the impact of a multi-level intervention with specific sub-groups in STD/HIV rates in the general population.
  • Development of mathematical models and definitive outcome measures to evaluate intervention cost-effectiveness and to allow for more informative selection of prevention strategies.

PREVEN serves as an international resource for information about STD/HIV in Peru. OUR 2002 General Population Survey on STD and HIV involved over 15,000 men and women (18-29 years old) in 24 cities across this country, enabling us to know for the first time the prevalence of STD and HIV in young adult population. This comprehensive survey is the first of its kind in the entire Andean Region.