Our prevention activities are operationalized through three specific strategies:

Red Preven: A referral network of the pharmacies, midwives and physicians serving the young adult population, designed to promote the awareness and prevention of STDs to strengthen STD syndromic recognition and management and to enhance correct and prompt treatment. Through PREVEN training network, we have developed:

  • Interactive-participative training modules for physicians, midwives and pharmacy workers.
  • Educational materials for the general population.



Mobile Teams Outreach to Female Sex Workers (FSW): An outreach service, comprised of health professional and FSW peer educators, promoting STD/HIV prevention behaviours and offering free medical examinations and STD treatment to female sex workers.






Social Marketing of Condoms: With the support of USAID and in conjunction with APROPO, a Peruvian NGO, our work has included the creation and provision of STD treatment packets and the promotion of awareness of condoms double protection (protection against STD/HIV) and unwanted pregnancies).




Also the PREVEN team is performing, in 24 cities country-wide, cross-sectional surveys of female sex workers, their clients and the young adult population, which include demographic characteristics, risk behaviours, sexual networks and prevalence of the STDs gonorrhea, Chlamydia, trichomonas, syphilis, herpes virus and HIV as a basal data. Additionally, PREVEN continues these measures in order to conduct a multilevel statistical analysis to evaluate the strategies effects in the community.