Including presentations made at scientific meetings in and outside Peru.

Presentation Place Date Type Title
PREVEN Baseline Survey Lima-Peru 2002 Oral STDs and HIV in general population. At home survey on STDs and Sexual Behavior
Oral STD Survellance among female sex workers and their clients
Oral PREVEN Conclusions
"15 th Biennial Congress of International Society of Sexually Transmitted Diseases Research" Otawa-Canada 2003 Abstracts(pdf)
Methodology for the 2002 national household-based general population survey of risk behavior and Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) prevalence in Peru
Poster Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) prevalences from the 2002 national household-based general population survey of young urban adults in peru
Sex in Peru: Sexual Behaviors in a Nation-Wide Population-Based Survey of Urban Young Adults
Poster A comparation of the Theoretically Predicted Distribution of Bacterial S.T.I.S and their Observed Prevalence in Urban Peru
Abstracts(pdf) Poster Mobile Team: An Alternative Outreach Methodology for STI Screening and Treatment of Female Sex Workers (FSW)
52nd Annual Meeting (2003) Centenary of the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene Philadelphia-EEUU 2003 Oral Urban Community Randomization Trial of Sexually Transmitted Diseases Prevention Baseline Data
8th World STI/AIDS Congress/40th IUSTI World General Assembly/XIV Panamerican STI/AIDS Punta del Este-Uruguay  2003 Abstracts(pdf,wd) Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae Prevalences among Clients of Female Sex Workers
Sex and STDs in Peru: a nation-wide general population-based survey of urban young adults
Abstracts(wd) STI Prevalence among Female Sex Workers from 24 Peruvian Cities
Abstracts(pdf,wd) The Use of Antibiotics and the Prevalence of N. gonorrhoeae in the Population of FSW in Peru
Acces For All IV International AIDS Conference Bankok-Tailandia 2004 Abstract(pdf,wd)
Structural Characteristics of Sex Work in 25 Peruvian Cities
"First Symposium of the Latin American and Caribean Asociation for the Control of STI (ALAC - STI) 5th Brazilian Congress on STDs" Recife-Brazil 2004 Oral Experience of a Sentinel Surveillance in Pharmacies
New Strategies for HIV/AIDS Surveillance in Resource Constrained Countries Adis Abeba-Etiopia 2005 Oral Household-based General Population Survey of Risk Behavior and HIV/Sexually transmitted Disease (STI) Prevalence in Peru
International Society of Sexually Transmitted Diseases Research (ISSTDR) Conference Amsterdam-Holanda 2005 Oral The role of targeted Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae screening in a comprehensive program for evaluating and preventing the spread of STIs in developing country
PREVEN mobile team: an innovative outreach methodology for STI screening and treatment of female sex workers (FSW) in the same sex work venue
Abstracts(wd) Risk for having a STI and remaining untreated among FSW participants in an innovative STI screening and treatment program: the PREVEN mobile team (PMT)
Abstracts(pdf) STI prevalence in high risk groups: a comparison of estimates from targeted surveys and a general population survey
Wellcome Trust-Burroughs Wellcome Infectious Disease Initiative Investigators Meeting Capetown-Sudafrica 2005 Oral The PREVEN project: Urban community randomized trial for STD prevention in Peru
Abstracts(wd) Modelling the temporal impact of sexually transmitted infection interventions in urban Peru
Poster RED PREVEN: National network of health care providers working towards the prevention of STI/HIV in Peru
Scientific Meeting- Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia Lima-Peru 2005 Poster Knownledge, attitude and training on pharmacy workers about Emergency contraceptives in three regions of Peru;
WHO STD Diagnostics Initiative Meeting Georgia, Atlanta-EEUU 2006 Oral Evaluation of Rapid Determine Syphilis TP Testing in Commercial Sex Venues in Peru
International Society of Sexually Transmitted Diseases Research (ISSTDR) Conference Seattle,-EEUU 2007 Poster Social desirability: Its impact on reported sexual behaviour and sex work among female sex workers in Peru
Poster Men-midwives: Managers  of male sexually transmitted infections in developing countries?
Poster Gonococcal ciprofloxacin intermediate resistance in Peru-Bad thing can happen quickly
Oral Strutctural attributes of sex work venues linked to STI including HIV infection in peruvian sex workers.
Oral Who pays for sex in Peru? Sexual behaviours in a nation-wide population-based surveys of urban young adults.
Poster The PREVEN urban community randomised trial of a combined intervention for sexually transmitted disease prevention in Peru
APHA. American Public Health Association en Washington D.C Washington DC - EE.UU 2007 Poster Socioeconomic factors and risk behaviors: A comparison between mobile and non-mobile female sex work
 Scientific Meeting Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia. Lima - Perú  2008  Summary  Proyecto Preven y Proyecto AMAZON: VIH en la Amazonía Peruana. Resumen de Resultados 2007